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Tribute to Andy Warhol Cognac miniature Henri IV Dudognon Heritage


On the 30th anniversary of Andy Warhol death,
Fernando Altamirano create this eclectic design as a tribute to the pop art King.
Known as the most expensive Cognac miniature in the world,
made of 18K white gold & sterling silver, has inlaid with 1,400 high quality sapphires
& 1,400 high quality rubies.
It´s filled with 5 cl. Ultra Premium Cognac Grande Champagne,
aged in barrels for more than 60 years to produce an alcohol content of 41%.
Planet, Altamirano foundation, will be make a donation of 50.000 Euros to social causes.
* There is a finder’s fee of 10% from the sale price of this jewel, to people who help to find the right customer.




Weight: 615 grams (without Cognac).
Height: 10.8 cms.
Length: 9.5  cms.
Width:  4.0  cms.

Material: 18K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver .925

Inlays: 1,400 natural sapphires cut diamond 150 ct.
            1,400 natural cut rubies diamond 150 ct.

Coating: The jewel has a total coating of polyurethane lacquer to avoid any oxidation or damage by pH.

Volumen: 5cl /50ml
41% alcohol volumen
Aging: 60 years

Black Leather gift box