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Royal Tribute to French King Henri IV Cognac bottle 1L Henri IV Dudognon Diamonds & Gold


It has been called the “The DNA of Cognac, the essence of the water of life…”.

Fernando Altamirano create the brand and design of this bottle in honor and royal tribute
to the beloved French King, Henri IV.
Made of 18K yellow gold, has inlaid with 4,100 high quality diamonds.
Filled with 100 cl. Ultra Premium Cognac Grande Champagne, aged in barrels for
more than 100 years to produce an alcohol content of 41%.
Limited edition, only 1 bottle worldwide.
Planet, Altamirano foundation, will be make a donation of 500.000 Euros to social causes.
* There is a finder’s fee of 10% from the sale price of this jewel, to people who help to find the right customer


Finishing materials: Diamonds & Gold

Volume: 1L / 100 cl
41% alcohol volumen
Aging: 100 years

Black Leather box